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What do you smell like at work?

We don’t mean when you’re a bit sweaty from your cycle ride to the office, or after you’ve polished off an egg salad sandwich for lunch. We mean what do you exude when you go to meetings, when you meet clients or patients, when you work closely on a project with colleagues, when you chat with your boss… what do people breathe in when they’re around you?
2 Corinthians 2 talks about us being the ‘aroma of Christ’ to people – that as we interact with those around us, over time, our words and our actions develop a scent and a flavour that can suggest something of God’s character.
Fiona, a social services manager from Scotland, seems to smell pretty good. “I look at you and I wonder how you can behave as you do”, a colleague said to her recently as they battled for the umpteenth time with a long-running and very difficult service complaint. “You’re under so much stress and always busy, but you always have a smile and a different perspective.
Tom, who heads up a car-company sales team in the Midlands, also has something of a godly scent – despite the competitive industry he’s in, where the temptation to cover up mistakes is high, one of his managers recently commented: "I really respect that you always tell the truth and don’t try to hide problems – that’s had a huge impact on me and on the team too.
So what do Fiona and Tom – and now over 1,000 other Christians across the world – have in common that’s empowered them to approach their work in a way that gives off a Christ-like aroma?
They’ve been part of a Transforming Work group.
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They’ve spent a year meeting every 4-6 weeks with a small group of working Christians, exploring topics like how to shape workplace culture, how to build good working relationships and how to bring biblical values into their work. They’ve learnt from one another, from the Bible and from faith-and-work experts, growing as confident, fruitful disciples in their day-to-day contexts.
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Fiona and Tom aren’t perfect, of course, but that’s not the goal of Transforming Work. And it’s not just about how people at work perceive us, it’s also about how we perceive our own work. How we can grab hold of a bigger vision for our working life and how it fits into the wider work of God’s Kingdom.
So if you would like to be newly energised for what God can do – and may already be doing – in and through you at work then find out more about Transforming Work today.
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God bless and guide you at work this week,
The LICC team
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