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Home > Home Articles > Current Events > Wed 23 May - Towards Justice in Israel/Palestine: One Democratic State

Wed 23 May - Towards Justice in Israel/Palestine: One Democratic Statejeff halper

When: Wednesday May 23rd 2018, 7pm
Where: Trinity United Reformed Church, Waterford Rd. Henleaze, BS9 4BT
Price: Free (retiring collection for ICHAD)
For more information: 07860795237
A rare opportunity to hear Jeff Halper speak in Bristol is being offered on Wednesday May 23rd at 7pm at Trinity United Reformed Church, Waterford Rd. Henleaze, BS9 4BT.  

Jeff was in the UK in February, for a conference of Palestinians and Israelis, which had  the aim of forging a common vision and political programme around the idea of one democratic state. In this powerpoint presentation, Jeff explains how the Matrix of Control that Israel has laid over the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the systematic apartheid it has established within the State of Israel has effectively eliminated any possibility of a two-state solution. Faced with apartheid in Israel and the permanent warehousing of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, he will go on to outline what appears to be the only just solution remaining: a single constitutional democracy - a democratic, bi-national state in the whole area covered by what used to be historic Palestine. What is proposed is one country, one citizenship, one parliament and one shared civil society in which its people’s collective rights are protected. Halper explores in depth how such a solution would work and what we need to do to reach it. 
Earlier this year, a meeting took place at Exeter University to discuss a way forward for Palestine and Israel. It was attended by a group of prominent intellectuals, academics, community leaders and peace activists. Most people have long since abandoned the idea of a “two state solution” and the Exeter meeting was called to address the reality of the facts on the ground which makes the idea of two separate States for Palestinians and Jews respectively not now a viable option. The Exeter conference has formulated an alternate, which is the concept of a bi-national, democratic State to embrace the whole of the region from the river Jordan to the sea, with the aim of enabling the two peoples and the three main religious groups to live together in equality, sharing together the land of Canaan.

On May 23rd we have the opportunity of hearing about this new initiative from one of the participants, Jeff Halper. It is a plan designed to inject new hope into an otherwise hopeless and deteriorating situation. It promises to give new hope and inspiration to all those who long for justice and peace for Palestinians and Jews alike.