Saltmine Theatre Company's plans for Christmas 2020

I wanted to let you know about Saltmine Theatre Company’s plans for Christmas 2020. 

Usually Saltmine Theatre Company would create and tour three all-age productions with a message to around 70 churches throughout the UK from November to January.  One of our most successful shows to date is Hark!  Hark! A Nativity Story is Saltmine’s innovative re-telling of the story of Christmas featuring an apprentice angel looking for a lost message, a shepherd looking for a sheep and King Herod looking for an evil laugh.  They all discover that ‘Everyone is Invited’ to meet the ultimate King at Christmas.


This year whilst everything we love and expect might look different the Christian message of Christmas remains unchanged. Now, more than ever, the message of inclusivity at the heart of the Nativity story is an urgent one.  Saltmine Theatre Company feels called to reimagine our show Hark! A Nativity Story for this new season. Filmed live in a theatre with a big cast, live band, and original music we want to partner with churches and help galvanise and reconnect communities.

We feel this is an opportunity to provide an exciting creative element to your church’s Christmas programme that cannot be cancelled and which brings joy whilst sharing the familiar Saltmine Christmas heart with added wow factor.


When Saltmine Trust has received your donation, through our downloadable link of Hark! A Nativity Story you will receive a copy of the full filmed production with saltmineinterval. Additional children’s and audience resources will be available for download online. 


How you deliver it is up to you. You could host socially distanced screenings of the show in your church, provide an exclusive link for people to watch at home or do a mixture of the two. 


We are asking for a minimum donation of £650 (or up to £850) for the Hark Christmas Package. The show will be accessible to you and your church online throughout the Christmas season.

If you have links with your local schools and would like to share your purchased licencing of the Christmas show with them, we are asking for an additional donation from each school of between £75-£150. If you are interested in this, please contact me.


Saltmine Theatre Company asks churches to distribute the exclusive link of this production to your own congregation only. We will release weekly links to the online version of the show for ease of access for all watching and to help maintain a level of control over the distribution.

 For more information or to go ahead with this opportunity, please email me at  or call me (Joanna) on 01384 454 807.