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Sun 5 Sep - Climate Sunday

When: Sunday 5th September 2021
Where: Your Church

Climate Sunday is an ecumenical partnership, organised by Churches Together in Britain & Ireland, encouraging churches across the UK to hold a climate-focused service on any Sunday before 5th September 2021. The final Sunday is the culmination of the campaign, with many high-profile services taking place and being streamed around the country to share church commitments and pray for bold action and courageous leadership at COP26. Bristol Cathedral will also hold a Climate
Sunday service that day.

During their Climate Sunday, churches are invited to do one or more of three things:
  • Worship: Hold a climate-focused service, to explore the theological and scientific basis of creation care and action on climate, to pray, and to commit to action.
  • Commit: Make a commitment as a local church community to taking long-term action to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Speak up: Join with other churches and wider society by adding its name to a common call for the UK government to take much bolder action on climate change in this country in advance of COP26.
There is potential for one or more church leaders to lead services during this day, as well as be available to speak on local radio about the role of churches across the city in praying and acting for the climate.