Bristol Passion Play

Hi Friend, Re: Join the @BristolPassionaPlay 2022.  We would like to provide you with some information on the street production that is being presented by Bristol Passion Play. There are plans in place to stage this #spectacular and #deeply moving street performance on Friday15th April 2022. The production will be a large outdoor procession following the last week of Jesus’s life. The street production will take place at five different locations in the town centre. Whilst the cast performs, the crowd will be walking alongside them. We will take you from Psalm Sunday (in Castle Park), where Jesus addresses the crowds, to the more intimate scene of The Last Supper (on King Street). From there we will take you to the Gardens of Gethsemane (in Queens Square), then on to The Trial (at Lloyd’s Amphitheatre) and finally, The Crucifixion (on College Green) read more. We are inviting the faith community to join us, as we realize that this is a great evangelistic opportunity that can impact many lives.  
We are still seeking creatives to fill the following roles: * Musicians * Solo/Choirs   * 18 Speaking roles      * 18 Cast (Volunteers)  * 4 Principle Cast     * 6 Procession Performers. * 100 Ensemble / Crowd Performers (Volunteer) * Stewards      * Technical     * Set Design   * Costume Designers & Makers   *Actors - (6th Dec) One of our values is to represent the diverse cultures that make Bristol what it is. We have four evening engagement sessions taking place across Bristol this week, where people can sign up to be a part of the play.  ***The sessions will take place between 6pm - 9pm and the dates are below. See below for the location and address.  Wed. 24th November 2021 at Christ Church, Downend, BS16 5UF Fri. 26th November  2021   at   Redland United Reformed Church,  BS6 6SA Sun. 28th November 2021  at St Martin's Church, St Martin's Road, Knowle, BS4 2NG Mon. 29th November 2021 at Potter’s House Church, St Paul's,  BS2 9HH  
If you can't make these dates but would like to be involved please email to (get involved). More dates will be arranged for Dec and 2022. Email:  to find out more or  
Please share with your church community and mailing list. The project is also open to any churches or individuals who are interested in partnering with us or sponsoring the project. There is a GoFundMe page where people can donate. Regards The BPP Team Anna Friends -  Creative Director Holly Newton - Executive Producer Rev. Chris Dobson -  Faith Consultant Carmen Carrol  - Community Producer

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