Thu 27 Jan - Open Book | Whole-Life Education: Session 2

When: Thursday 27th January 2022, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Online
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A three-week discussion to help educators make whole-life disciples

‘The church needs to engage with society afresh and it needs theologically educated disciples to do so; followers of Jesus Christ who see their mission as both ecclesial and societal in a globalised world.’ – Mark Cartledge, Principal and Professor of Practical Theology, London School of Theology.

How can I point my students to the kingdom of God in a coherent and compelling way, wherever I’m called to serve as an educator? How does what I teach go beyond subject matter and compartmentalised disciplines, to forming whole-life disciples who are fruitful in their everyday lives – and training others to do the same?
If you work in education, join us for a practical three-week discussion on those very questions.

The sacred–secular divide (SSD) permeates our theological colleges, our schools, our churches, and our lives. By perpetuating the false belief that there are some areas of life that are not important to God, it diminishes our understanding of God, education, discipleship, and the gospel itself.

Seeking to liberate the global church from the power of this dichotomy, Mark Greene and Ian Shaw’s book, Whole-Life Mission for the Whole Church, provides Christians in education with the tools they need to combat the sacred–secular divide right where it’s so often generated: the classroom.

While this book was written with theological educators in mind, our conversations will help any educator integrate their faith and their teaching.

Filled with contributions from practitioners around the world, it offers biblically-rooted and well-tested approaches to transform our institutions, curriculums, and classrooms so they envision and empower ordinary Christians for their role in God’s mission.

Across three interactive sessions this winter, join us as we dive into the book and discuss:
  • How to name the issue of SSD in our seminaries, schools, and colleges drawing on Scripture, history, and cross-cultural educational perspectives
  • How to overcome SSD through more integrated education that forms whole-life disciples, considering curriculum change, programme design, individual courses and lectures, and transformative assessment
  • How to effect real cultural change in your institution, starting with the students in your classroom
You’ll need to pre-read Whole-Life Mission for the Whole Church to spark conversations at our fortnightly Thursday 7–9pm Zoom gatherings:
  • 13 January – Discussing pages xix–98 (Foreword—Chapter 6)
  • 27 January – Discussing pages 101–188 (Chapters 7—12)
  • 10 February – Discussing pages 191–226 (Chapters 13—15)

Other Dates:

Session 3: Thursday 10 February | 7:00pm - 9:00pm