divine sex

Thu 24 Feb - Open Book | Divine Sex: Session 1

When: Thursday 24th February 2022, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Online
Website: https://licc.org.uk/events/open-book-divine-sex/
Register: Click Here

A three-week discussion on discipleship in a sex-fixated culture

 ‘Grant’s insight, analysis, and constructive argument should not only deepen how we are talking about sex and discipleship; they should also give us new intentionality about the church as a formative community, enabling us to live into a different script that is good news.’ – James K. A. Smith

What does faithful discipleship in a culture that’s fixated on sex actually look like? How should following the way of Jesus make a difference in our daily contexts in this sex-focused age?

That’s where the book Divine Sex comes in. The author, Jonathan Grant, holds a master’s degree in the theology of sex and discipleship, and writes with experience as a university chaplain, young adults pastor, and Anglican vicar. He’s an ideal partner and guide to help us find a wise way forward and live for Christ in these confusing times.

Ours is a world where sexual identity and orientation are front and centre, yet it’s more likely to be debated in your workplace or school than constructively discussed and wisely practiced as the body of Christ. ‘Sex’ has been politicised and ideologically weaponised as a problem to be solved rather than a core part of what it means to be an image bearer tasked with multiplying and cultivating God’s creation.
We desperately need a better conversation around sex. A safe place to wrestle, discern, grow, and reorient our identity around Jesus, the very source of abundant life itself.

Across three interactive sessions this spring, join us as we dive into Divine Sex and discuss:
  • A new way to see relationships in a sexualised age
  • The sources and shape of the modern sexual imaginary, exploring the nature of authenticity, freedom, identity, happiness, and transcendence
  • A compelling vision for sexuality that blesses neighbours beyond the church, in our diverse contexts.
You’ll need to pre-read Divine Sex to spark conversations at our fortnightly Thursday 7–9pm Zoom gatherings:

24 February – Discussing Divine Sex pages 9–72 (Foreword—Chapter 3)
10 March – Discussing Divine Sex pages 73–164 (Chapters 4—8)
24 March – Discussion Divine Sex pages 165–238 (Chapters 9—Epilogue)

Other Dates:

Session 2: Thursday 10 March | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Session 3: Thursday 24 March | 7:00pm - 9:00pm