Wed 21 Sep - Chaplaincy in Greater Bristol, are you currently in a Chaplaincy Role in Bristol? 


Then this is for you...

When: Wednesday 21st September 2022, 7:30 pm and 9:00
Where: TBC

Chaplaincy has become a new modern ministry that reaches 95% of people who don’t have regular contact with our local churches.ben-white-mO9vKbG5csg-unsplash
Traditionally, chaplains have worked for many years in prisons, hospitals and the armed forces. More recently, we are seeing chaplaincy growing in significance, with chaplains now working across all sectors. Chaplains are now:
  • in schools and universities
  • on the railways
  • in sport
  • in the workplace
  • in the emergency services
  • in communities
  • in healthcare
  • with minority groups
  • in our town and city centres
  • And many more
We have a great opportunity to join together and learn from one another, by praying, encouraging and supporting each other in the roles and tasks we undertake. Together, we can provide a united and joined approach in our work.

Register with us here and become part of a new chaplaincy network. In return for your registration, you will be added to our database and will receive regular updates on chaplaincy events across the greater Bristol area. There will be opportunities for us to explore working together and to encourage each other in core areas and sharing our diverse experiences. 

Why not join us for one of our Chaplaincy Networking Evenings that take place between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm?  Our next Chaplaincy Networking Evening will take place on September 21st 2022!

We are looking forward to hearing about the chaplaincy work you are doing.

Richard and Lois Evans
Bristol Chaplaincy