Thu 20 Oct - How to Live and Work from the Unseen Realm: Working from Rest

When: Thursday 20th October 2022, 7:30pm-9pm
Where: Online
Price: Free

Dear Friends,

The next TWL course begins on the Thursday 15th September, and will run for six-weeks finishing on Thursday 20th October. Each session begins at 7:30pm and finishes prompt at 9:00pm. The format for each evening is that we hear a testimony of what God did for someone in their place of work, a talk by one of our anointed businesspeople on an aspect of how we can manifest God’s Kingdom in our workplace, chatrooms where we can share our experiences, learn, and encourage each other, and finally, last but not least, the opportunity for feedback and prayer. 
TWL stands for “Transformed Working Life”, and its vision is “To encourage, serve and equip people to walk powerfully by faith in their daily working life”. The sessions cover:
  • how we are called to the marketplace and our calling to work is as valid and precious to God as if we were called to serve on a mission field or in full time ministry.
  • how God calls us to the marketplace with a unique and special purpose.
  • how in the marketplace we must choose whom we will serve.  And then,
  • how we need to build on the Rock of Jesus in our workplace whilst we work from rest, living by faith, and hearing from God’s Holy Spirit. 

One of the things we discover in the course which we learn from our Hebraic roots is that our work is to be our worship. I have been meditating on that over the past few weeks and reflecting how we can negate that truth by our actions at home and work. We will cover more of this in one of our sessions.  

This course is free, and to join up for the sessions please email Carol at our office. Her email address is .

Lindsay Hassall
TWL Team