Prayer Spaces at Home (and an Easter Lesson)

Hi All
We hope this finds you well. Just wanted to share a couple of resources with you which could be shared with your local schools via email – or equally used for home learning:
Why not make a short video of an Easter assembly/talk to send to your school? We’ve produced one here with very simple props (you may not have a dog but that’s ok):
Feel free to use our ideas or others. The link for the Easter Gardens activity is:  (You sometimes have to click it twice or so before it works.) If you can’t make your own video, why not just email the Easter Garden link – then children at school or at home can enjoy making an Easter Garden and reflecting on the meaning of Easter.
2.  Last week, Prayer Spaces in Schools launched Prayer Spaces at Home…a whole load of prayer/reflection activities for use at home. They’re all easy to put together and could be used individually or as a family/small group. You can find them here: They’ve just released their Easter series for Holy Week. Keep checking back as this webpage is being continually updated with more activities over the coming weeks.

3. You could use our Easter Lesson for children aged 7-11, although it can easily be adapted to suit any age. It’s for use in a school context but again, could be used at home. The leader’s guide and a few other resources are here: This lesson could be emailed to school or perhaps you could video yourself talking through the lesson/showing the props and send it to them.
We’d love to encourage you to support your local schools this week if you can. Many are still open for children of key workers and vulnerable children and many are also in touch via email with their families who are at home. We’re cheering you on whether you’re at home, perhaps with your own children, or able to support your school in this way. Feel free to share these with friends, family, church and networks.
Wishing you a peaceful and healthy Easter.
With our love
Jane and Liz