We want Christians and others working in Education to feel excited and encouraged as they play their role in transforming our city and region.

About Us

We are a group of Christians who are passionate about Education. We link with teachers, governors and others, including various organisations listed below. We also help churches link with schools across the region.


What we do

Gather: To build relationships and unity
We gather Christians to build relationships, exchange news, get a better overview and build a “network of networks” involved with education. We gather them at a variety of events, small (such as gatherings for teachers in pubs!) and large, starting with over 5k people at the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering in 2012, where we prayed for and released individuals involved in Education.

Grow: To learn from God and each other
We pray regularly together for one another, and for every aspect of education across the Bristol region. We have seminars to explore Education issues from Christian perspectives, such as at the Going Deeper gathering at the Colston Hall in 2013.

Go!: To act together and as individuals
As a result of growing relationships, the Christian community can take strategic action together, for the good of Education in the city, for example through City Office. Breakfast is provided in 30 or more of the most deprived schools, thousands of children who are on free school meals are fed over the school holidays, about 20 churches provide mentors for children who are in danger of exclusion, through Transforming Lives for Good. We also collaborate with all the organisations and networks listed below.

See the Timeline for more examples of how we are helping transform the Bristol region for good.

How to get involved

Are you involved in any way with Education in the Bristol region? We would love to connect with you. Please get in touch with Jane Gillis  or Roger Allen

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a 7-month radical journey to become who you were born to be as you grow in your understanding of and relationship with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
They're a fantastic way to help the children and young people in your local school to explore faith and spirituality in a safe and creative way.
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