We long to see every Christian released to be good news in the whole of life, or spheres of life, in the Bristol region: in Arts, Business and Workplace, Education, Family, Health, Media, Politics and Social Action and Sport.

T4B Whole of Life is a “network of networks”, with a facilitating group, and core groups for all eight spheres of life. We link with church and prayer leaders and help to connect networks, organisations, projects and individuals in the whole of life. We also engage with the council, and organize wider gatherings, including conferences, to release Christians and people of goodwill to help transform the whole of life in the Bristol region.

See the Timeline for examples of how we are helping transform the region for good.

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What we do

Gather: To build relationships and unity
In about 2010, we started to facilitate the Bristol Prayer Networks to pray for the region and also Forum for Change gatherings of Christians in the spheres of life. At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering in 2012, we prayed for and released over 5k people involved in the spheres of life.
Grow: To learn from God and each other
We learn together at gatherings for thousands, such as Going Deeper, at the Colston Hall in 2013, with seminars about the spheres of life. Most of the spheres have also had conferences for hundreds, including Love Work in 2016 or Building Bristol as a City of Hope, at City Hall, in 2018.

We connect with Gather Movement, a network of over 140 unity for mission movements, like Together4Bristol, across towns and cities in the UK. In 2019, the Gather Collective, with more than 50 people, came from across the UK to see how the Christian community in Bristol engages with the Mayor, Council, One City Office and other spheres of life...
Go!: To act together and as individuals
The Christian community can take strategic action together in the spheres of life, to engage with the city, for example through a Manifesto and hustings of candidates for the Mayoral elections in 2016 and 2021, or in our response to the COVID pandemic. See the Timeline for examples of how we are helping transform the region for good, together and a scattered individuals.

How to get involved 

Are you interested in any of the spheres of life?  We would love to connect with you.  Please get in touch with Roger Allen:

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