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The TOGETHER FILMS are a series of short interviews that tell how Christians from the city of Bristol engaged during lockdown and the pandemic. 
Working strategically across foodbanks and with organisations like Bristol City Council, Transforming Lives for Good and Home for Good, churches responded to issues like food insecurity, child welfare and emergency fostering.
FILM1. Together / We can make a difference (Opening Film)
Across the city, working in partnership, churches and Christians responded to the felt needs of the city of Bristol.
As we look back, we also look forward to the challenge ahead.
We do this with the knowledge that together - we can make a difference. 

(running time 2min 44s)
FILM2. Together / Child Welfare
Ann James (Service Director for Children and Families, Bristol City Council) shares about how churches and organisations are partnering and can partner locally to bring compassion and care to families here in Bristol.
(running time 2min 55s)

FILM3. Together / Fostering in a pandemic
Clare Walker (Regional Manager: South West, Home for Good) tells us how Christians responded to the Covid fostering needs and the ongoing challenge of finding a home for every child In Bristol that needs one.
(running time 2min 31s)
FILM4. Together / Serving the Community
Lance Mason (Pastor, Stockwood Free Church) shares about the importance of community and partnership, about not only serving our communities but walking with them.
(running time 2min 15s)
FILM 5. Together / God’s Call to Action
David Mitchell (Lead Pastor, Woodlands Church) talks about the privilege of serving God in our communities and how that call lead us in to strategic action and acts of kindness, compassion and love.
(running time 2min 31s)