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'chasing diversity and challenging racism in the Church'
from CTGB Together4Bristol, Keyboard Trust, Steering Committee and Staff
The world has witnessed many things shaken; from economics to our freedom of movement, to climate change, political struggles, monarchies, and even the church.
We have now converted several statements in response to the events that had taken place in the USA and the increase in local racial justice campaigning into Podcasts. Where you can listen to the encouraging, and empowering words again and again.
One year on from the death of George Floyd... has anything changed?
We would like to Thank You for supporting the work of the Keyboard Trust, CTGB and Together4Bristol.
A safe online space for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women, promoting emotional wellbeing, peer support, self-help tips and information.
At the start of every year, we enter into it full of expectation and hope for a improved life, to fulfil a longing desire and also the long list of new year’s resolutions for ourselves and our families.
with the killing of George Floyd and Black people and those who have been harmed by the police.
On our part we will pursue the path of reconciliation in order to help build a unified City of hope in Bristol for all to be able to flourish.
As faith groups we are standing in unity, to speak out against the injustices.