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Year 6 Transition

Hi All
We hope you’re well today.
It’s that time of year when schools begin to support Y6 children in their move to secondary school. We wanted to share a few ways that you/your church could contribute to this support:
  1. Host a transition prayer space in school. There are lots of ideas for appropriate prayer activities on the all new Prayer Space in Schools website. Just go to the Resources/Prayer Activities section and click ‘Show Filter’. Then you’ll see lots of relevant ‘tags’ such as Change/Transition, Journey, Letting Go, Looking Forward, Worry/Fear. By selecting those tags you’ll find multiple appropriate prayer activities to help Y6 children process the change they’re going through. Just visit
  1. Use the very simply Transition Prayer Space materials (Instructions/Presentation). They were created last year for teachers to lead when movements/resource sharing in school was very restricted. You could use them as they are or adapt to the freedoms we have now in schools.
  1. Send a card and some biscuits/chocolates to the Y6 classes in your local school/s. If you have time, you could write individual cards to each child, wishing them well and offering a prayer for them.
  1. Run an ‘It’s Your Move’ session in school or on zoom. And/or buy a copy of the ‘It’s Your Move’ booklet for each Y6 child: Do check out the booklet content first to see if it’s appropriate for your school context.
We know you’re all busy but want to encourage you to do something for your local Y6 children in what’s been an incredibly tumultuous year for them. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the school in a positive way and will be reassuring for the children too.
If we can support you in ANY way to connect with your school, do get in touch!
Best wishes,
Liz and Jane

Posted: May 2021