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The UK is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November. We need world leaders to take urgent action, but we all need to play our part. The role of money – and how it is used by banks, investors and businesses – is critical. We can all take steps through where we bank, how we invest, our pensions and our spending, that can help avoid climate catastrophe, restore nature and protect the poorest communities from harm.  
What step will you take to green your money in the run up to COP26?  
Choose a step using the form below and sign up to hear more from us about the actions you can take. Join a community of Christians passionate about connecting faith and money, as we care for our neighbours and our common home.  
  • Pension Pioneer: take a closer look at how your pension is invested. Engage with your provider and help create a greener future for everyone.
  • Sustainable Saver: think about where you bank. What do you know about your bank’s involvement with the fossil fuel industry?
  • Green Investor: whether you have £5 or £500, there are lots of ways to invest in clean energy or climate-friendly businesses. 
  • Green Steward: could you help your church take a closer look at its finances? This step is all about taking action through your church.