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Your Christians in Media November Newsletter

"A brilliant 40 minutes spent together. Thanks to everyone who made it happen."
"I’ve just enjoyed this brilliant online Service with my Saturday morning coffee"
"Must confess, I haven’t been to church for months and this made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. So powerful! Thanks so much for the encouragement and inspiration."
"That service was really impressive! These guys are trailblazing!"
"Great service-loved it"

These are just some of the many positive comments we have received about the Christians in Media Online Service. We give thanks to all those who contributed to an encouraging time of prayer, worship and celebration. We give thanks to all Truth Tellers called to be salt and light in this crucial area of public life. Above all, we give thanks to our amazing God, to Whom goes all the glory. If you didn’t manage to catch the Service, click on the link below where you can still watch it. 
Catch the replay of our Annual Service
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Nicola Pike - the person behind the Truth Tellers video

Fake news, misinformation, divisiveness: we have become so used to hearing these words over the past few years that we’ve become immune to their corrosive intent. Yet, there is hope. There is an army of Truth Tellers, who are not afraid to stand up for justice and integrity-for the Truth. This was wonderfully illustrated by the ‘Truth Tellers’ video, which appeared in the Service, and was the central feature of our Day of Prayer for the Media. Christians in Media caught up with Nicola Pike, the highly gifted writer behind the video’s inspirational words.
Interview with Nicola Pike
Meet the newest member of the ‘Christians in Media’ family

We are delighted to introduce Feyisara Olukoga – our new Freelance Administrator. Feyisara will be helping the Trustees with our day-to-day administrative requirements, special projects and much more. Let Feyisara introduce herself in her own words:

“I am a recent graduate of the University of Essex. Despite having studied Politics and International Relations, my passion lies in the journalism and media industry. I hope to see the message of the Gospel communicated to the masses in creative and innovative ways. I am an aspiring television producer and host and I’m very excited to join the team and advance the mission of the charity." Congratulations!

Many, many congratulations to former Christians in Media Trustee, Charmain Noble-McLean, Director of Content at Premier Radio, on her Fellowship from the Royal Academy; the highest accolade given by radio professionals to those who work in radio. So well deserved!
What’s in the news?

In recent weeks, social media has come under severe criticism. The Facebook whistle-blower has called for Mark Zuckerberg to step down. Yahoo is to pull out of China amid a ‘challenging’ environment. Facebook is to delete data on a billion people’s faces. These are just a few headlines from the news.  According to an article in the Press Gazette, more than a third of female journalists, who participated in a Government survey about abuse and harassment said they feel unsafe doing their jobs in the UK. 
Our prayer is for our brothers and sisters in all media to have the discernment to hear the Lord’s voice; the wisdom in what to share; integrity in how to share; creativity in their sharing; the courage to stand for truth, and the grace in serving God and others. 
Christians in Media will continue to highlight good news stories, while acknowledging the need for scrutiny, sensible regulation and proper safety for all those working on the media frontline. We shall always promote best practice. Above all, we will always seek to glorify our amazing God in all that we share and promote. How you can help

In 2020, we were blessed with a wonderful legacy that enabled us to launch our exciting new Mentoring Programme, create an encouraging Christians in Media Service and the much-praised video that was at the heart of our Day of Prayer for the Media. But, we don’t want to stop there. 
We want to build upon these inspiring activities, and make a real difference. We especially want to help the next generation of Christians as they embark upon their media careers, while continuing to support Christians of all generations, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds in their calling to serve God in this crucial area of public life and be influential for the Kingdom. 
So, as we plan for next year, we need your help. No matter how small, or large, your donations are so important. They will help us seek funding from established grant funding organisations, as well as creating new and innovative activities and programmes that will support, encourage and inspire you in the media workplace. To give, simply click on the DONATE button below. Thank you so much.
Would you be a Christians in Media Ambassador?
We're always looking out for Christians passionate about their faith and media, who can connect with Christians working in, and with, media in their local area. Is that you? If so, why not drop us a line at
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You can apply to join our Christians in Media UK Facebook members group (Don’t forget to answer the three questions).  You can also catch us on Twitter @CI_MediaUK, on our Instagram page, the ‘Christians in Media’ YouTube channel or you can visit If you have a specific query, request or would like us to pray, then please write to:    
And finally….

With grateful thanks to a great friend of Christians in Media, Rev Peter Crumpler
‘Creator God, your Son told his disciples that the Truth would set them free. Help us to seek after Truth in all we do. As communicators, may we pursue Truth with diligence and passion. As readers, listeners and viewers, may we discern Truth from falsehood, and always seek the good of others. As followers of Christ, may we grow more into His likeness, who is the Way, the truth and the Life. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.’  Steve Cox Chair of Trustees
November 2021

Posted: December 2021