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Deep Waters: A project of Borrowed Time

Deep Waters is Green Christian's eight-session journey navigating climate grief and eco-anxiety.

Deep Waters is now available for churches and other groups to use.

Also our online Deep Waters course will begin again on 20th September 2022.

Please contact   if you would like to take part or to be a facilitator for this course.

In Green Christian we think the climate and ecological emergency is probably the greatest mission challenge the churches have ever faced.
Through our Borrowed Time project we are preparing a range of pastoral resources, including circles of support and public rituals, for navigating the emotional, spiritual and existential challenges that confront us.  We invite you to join in one such opportunity.
In eight sessions Deep Waters will offer a safe space where you can meet a small group of other Green Christians. With conversation, reflection, and shared experience,  Deep Waters invites you on a journey through climate grief and eco-anxiety, to discover renewed courage, clarity and purpose.
The sessions: a shared journey
  1. Introduction
  2. The stages or ‘faces’ of climate grief
  3. Helping each other tell the truth
  4. Creating language and practice for lament
  5. Befriending mortality
  6. Wisdom and love
  7. The place of blame, forgiveness and justice
  8. Redefining hope
Resources and patterns
  • Each other; our sessions and the conversations and practices that we will share;
  • A structure to each session that will hold us and become familiar;
  • Our own emotions and reflections, interests and passions, perspectives and struggles;
  • The materials sent ahead of each session: Readings, poems, images, stories, rituals, questions, quotes;
  • Our surroundings and contexts – both natural and social – and our experiences;
  • The perspectives of Borrowed Time and its intentions;
  • Spirituality that recognises that the challenge is more than economic, political, scientific or technological, and that it is open to new expression and experience;
  • Our thinking and reflecting between sessions – the use of a journal is recommended.
Session Structure

Each gathering takes 90 minutes, from 7pm to 8.30pm.
  • Welcomes and short reflection/prayer
  • In small, confidential groups (which remain the same week by week) each person shares their response to the week’s materials
  • Feedback from breakout groups, including new insights which have emerged during the session
  • Whole group reflective space
  • Closing prayer
A Deep Waters eight session course will begin again on 20th September 2022. Please contact if you would like to take part or to be a facilitator for this course.

Alternatively, please Register your interest in taking part