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Inspiring Everyday Faith - Everyday Faith Portal Launch

Happy New Year and welcome to our Inspiring Everyday Faith update.
Just one feature this month - that the Everyday Faith Portal is now live! Many of you have helped us in developing our new home for prayers, reflections, and guidance for finding and following God in everyday life. You can now sign up for the first public version via the Church of England website or by going directly to everydayfaith.churchofengland.org. See below for a brief explainer on the portal. There is also some information and a couple of journeys we think you might be interested in. Do share these with others who you think might value them. We will be adding further journeys over the coming months. We are particularly looking forward to being able to bring you a couple of new reflections to share faith at home - some top tips for parents in partnership with BRF and Stories Jesus Told drawing on Scripture Union's Diary of a Disciple audiobook. More about those in our February update. Thank you to all who have helped to test the site. It has really helped us to design this around the needs of people and churches. As ever, please do let us know if something isn't quite right, or get in touch with ideas you would like to see.   That's all for now. Blessings,
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Reflections, prayers and guidance to encourage your everyday faith

Everyday Faith offers bitesize, yet in-depth, resources on topics relevant to you, that will help you help find and follow God in everyday life. 
The portal was launched in January 2022 and has the aim of attracting 100,000 users within the first full. This accessible and adaptable digital platform offers innovative, digital delivery of tailored resources from a range of providers’ resources that equip and encourage an everyday faith. These journeys – featuring reflections, prayers, and guidance – are designed to help you to more fulsomely find and follow God in everyday life. A key aim of these resources is to express how the Five Marks of Mission are foundational to personal and corporate witness in the world, and how these find expression in daily life. The portal is personalised to peoples’ interests and contexts so that diverse resources can be more easily discovered and shared. It features in-built connectivity to diocesan resources and offers a mechanism for direct delivery of these. It has also been developed to integrate with A Church Near You to re-enforce connection to local worshiping communities and to better enable churches to use the portal as a key tool in their formation and equipping work. Click here for further details and links to join.
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Thank God it’s Monday!

Start the working week with lectionary-based reflections and prayers written for the workplace

God on Monday is a series of reflections written by Christian leaders in the workplace. Curated by Faith in Business, a range of authors provide reflections on biblical themes to shape and inform your work. This journey follows the Church of England lectionary, with each step relating to a set reading for that calendar week...view here.
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There is no right way, or place or posture for praying - Just the way that is right for you

Adapted from the CHP book "Prayer: Where to start and how to continue" by Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, exploring answers to ten questions about prayer and offers help for making prayer a part of everyday life. Including, what prayer is, when and where to pray; whether words are always needed; what to do when prayer seems impossible, and more...Click to view.
Setting God’s People Free (SGPF) is an initiative across the Church of England to enable the whole people of God to live out the Good News of Jesus confidently in all of life, Sunday to Saturday. Our focus is to facilitate a shift in culture, not a narrow, centrally driven strategy. The programme seeks to implement proposals from the Setting God’s People Free report presented to General Synod in 2017. These proposals seek effective ways to build up the whole people of God, with a confident faith and vision for the Kingdom of God, which is lived out in homes, schools, communities and places of work.
  • SGPF looks beyond and outside Church structures to the whole people of God at work in communities and wider society - not to 'fixing' the institutional Church.
  • SGPF challenges a culture that over-emphasises a distinction between sacred and secular to a fuller vision of calling within the all-encompassing scope of the Gospel – not to limit vocation to church-based roles.
  • SGPF seeks to affirm and enable the complementary roles and vocations of clergy and of lay people, grounded in our common baptism - not to blur or undermine these distinctions.
  • SGPF proposes imaginative steps to nourish, illuminate and connect what is working already in and through parishes and communities of faith - not to institute a top-down approach.
Posted: February 2022