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WSM Latest Score - Made new in 2022!


Ministry Focus
'And with that He breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit."
John 20:22
Happy New Year! I'm currently training for a Half Marathon. This is to raise money for our work as opposed to because I'm a runner! Therefore, I find it pretty difficult and if I don't get my breathing correct, I run out of steam quickly!! For a new calendar year - 2022, the Lord took me to John 20:22; here, we see Jesus re-revealing Himself to His disciples post resurrection and gave them a 'moment' they would never forget - gaining their Master again and getting a touch from the Holy Spirit. What a reminder for all of us - keep Jesus close, receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit and be led by Him in all that you do.  With this in mind, we are expecting God to do great things this year and invite you to join in however you can. Below you will read a story and see a strategy of how God is making people 'new' as we enter 2022. Thanks for your ongoing interest, prayer and financial support - it means so much to us. Stand Strong! Grant & Team WSM
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                                            A Changing Live
9 years old and so passionate about sport that his parents signed him up for two of our after-school clubs every week - Dodgeball and Cricket. Loving them and making great progress ability wise, Freddie was less adapt with behavioural elements towards others and certainly less keen on anything spiritual despite agreeing to attend a weekly Bible discovery - the Sports Huddle.  However, Freddie came and we prayed and shared! For the first two weeks, all we heard were complaints about the Bible and spiritual discussions, but the Lord was busy! God's Word went in and started to work, and the Holy Spirit's presence caused Freddie to change his behaviour and attitude. During sport, he started to put others first and increase his outward kindness; he also changed his view about Jesus and the Bible because on week 3, Freddie came to dodgeball with what looked like the world's largest Bible! He showed his friends at the club and then brought it to the Huddle and took delight in not only showing it, but reading it. Since then, we have seen him engaged in scripture and prayer and heard how he now feels about Jesus - "Daily Jesus fills us with Himself to become more like Him."  Glory to God for what He is doing as we reach and disciple young people like Freddie from un-churched families that are more interested in Jesus than you may ever think.
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                                         Impacting Children
Jesus said "Let the little children come to Me" (Matt 19:14) and we know that the majority of people that respond profoundly to His gospel are under the age of 16. Therefore, we are serious about children because they matter and every 'grown' adult was once a child. 
There are many amazing strategies for reaching and discipling children, currently we have a very simple model that enables us to impact many, go deeper with lots and fully disciple some.  Schools Coaching Serving schools by delivering PE lessons, establishing after-school sport specific clubs, mentoring individuals and staging assemblies and themed project days enable teams of trained coaches to reach thousands of children in multiple schools within a local area. Experiential learning and a linked 'Team Talk' enable character to be developed and faith to be shared. Sports Camps Many children that we know plus others that get to find out about it, then come to sports camp during school holidays. Here, we are serious about sport, serious about having fun and serious about linking life skills to sports drills, and learning more about Jesus.  Sports Huddles In partnership with local churches, we then begin these weekly Bible Discovery groups for children that have received Jesus or want to find out more. Great things are currently happening!  
Could you impact children for Jesus?
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Support WSM For us to do these things and more, we trust God to prompt people to help. You could make a real difference to and through our work
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Posted: February 2022