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Update in Support for Ukrainian Refugees

  1. For all those who are interested in or in need of clarification regarding the Bristol response to Ukrainian refugees, Christian Action Bristol has created a blogpost with information regarding the general situation, matching, volunteering, the initiative of Church Welcome Hubs across Bristol, and sources for support. In order to limit misinformation and increase engagement and volunteering, we would ask you please distribute the page among your congregation or people that approach you with questions:
  1. LoveBristol is currently doing great work at the Polish-Ukrainian border. One of their main tasks is informing refugees about the visa process if they want to come to the UK, helping them with forms, matching them with hosts, and ensuring their accommodation and transport are organised. They are looking for volunteers to join them, who can commit to one week, and who are emotionally and physically resilient. It is an incredibly hard, but very rewarding experience. If you know of anyone who may be interested in helping, or someone suitable you can reach out to, you can find more information on the opportunity here:
  1. Bristol City Council will be partnering with local charity Refugee Welcome Homes in offering training for hosts city-wide. The training will be offered from mid-May until mid-July on Thursday evenings. We are currently looking for people willing to be Zoom facilitators for this training. The individuals would be given plenty of instruction beforehand, but should be happy to bring together people in a conversation. We are looking for people to commit to every Thursday evening for this time period. Expenses will be paid. If interested, please email


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Love from Bristol to Ukraine - Can You Help?

In Ukraine, churches are acting as hubs for receiving and sending medical aid, food, and other supplies to devastated areas of the country. In Poland, churches are giving Ukrainians temporary accommodation and respite on their journey out of the country.

LoveBristol & Friends have therefore been working with several churches and charities on the Polish-Ukrainian border, especially by sourcing items they need and driving supplies to them. 

The team have a specific list of items they have been tasked with collecting. These range from sleeping bags, camping mats and blankets, to medical gloves, masks, bandages, and even bulletproof vests and kevlar helmets (if possible).

Further, LoveBristol are recruiting people to VOLUNTEER at the Polish-Ukrainian border.

In addition to driving supplies to Ukraine, the team has also been working at a refugee transit centre in Przemysl, Poland. There, the volunteers help answer questions and solve issues for refugees wanting to go to the UK. 

“We’re hoping that having more people present here in Przemysl would increase the information flow and influx of refugees to Bristol.”
If you are hardworking, emotionally/mentally/physically resilient, unoffendable, flexible, resourceful, and have a sense of humour, then you are desperately needed on the ground! 

Currently, it is not certain how long the team will be needed in Przemysl, but the minimum time to volunteer would ideally be one week.

For more information, see the following link:

If interested, please contact:  .

For more information and to support and - see the below links.


Posted: April 2022