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The Noise 2022 - Thank you for taking part!

Thanks for joining in with The Noise 2022! It was an incredible weekend and we've been really encouraged to hear some of the stories from across the city, from those who volunteered, attended events or received support from a team of volunteers. 
What happened? For us, it's not about the figures. But we do know that seeing them plays a part in helping us see what happened and helping you know you were part of something bigger! Click here to have a read of what took place! Check out the full weekend review video below!

Stories and feedback It's been wonderful to hear stories from the different volunteer teams and and feedback from individuals who received support or connected with our community events over the weekend. We'll be sharing more over the coming weeks, but here are a couple of images showing the before and after of one of the gardens we visited... quite a transformation from three teams who visited each day of the weekend!
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"Can I just say how much myself and staff really appreciate what you do and what a difference it makes to communities and tenants. In today's world full of bad news it’s a real joy to see such positive things happening.    A massive thank you to all of your team across the city. I remember going to  a launch meeting in Sea Mills many years ago and you have just gone from strength to strength." Alison Scott (Housing Manager, Bristol City Council)
Volunteer Gatherings It was wonderful to gather all together again this year, in-person, for our morning volunteer gatherings on Day 1 and Day 3 - thank you to those who came along! A big thank you to those who helped with registration, leading worship, hosting, set up and sharing a talk too!
You can catch up on the talks that were shared each day here:
  • Saturday: Steve McEwen from E5 Church: click here
  • Sunday: Rob Scott-Cook from Woodlands Church: click here
  • Monday: Chloe Swinney from Woodlands Metro: click here
What next?
While we are committed to 'The Noise' annual event as a display of unity among the churches, we have always aimed for that to be a springboard to inspire everyone to be ‘showing God’s love in practical ways’ the whole year round.  If you've not heard already, we've set up a new project called Noise 365. Have a watch of our video that explains all about it: click here
Looking for another opportunity to volunteer? Check out a LOAD of different ideas on our website, where communities and organisations around the city have been requesting YOUR help! We update this on a regular basis: click here Want to do something practical in your community? We would love to share our tools, equipment and training to help you support individuals and groups who are in need of volunteer help or to run community events during the rest of the year. Get in touch to discuss what that might look like!
Support the work of Bristol Noise
All the activities of The Noise 2022 and Bristol Noise Charity are funded by individuals, churches and a few grants that are obtained. We are really grateful for every volunteer contribution that helped towards making this year happen, including inflatables, tools, publicity, insurance, health & safety, site licences, rubbish trucks, tshirts, and more!
As you might imagine, even £5 from each volunteer only covers a small amount of the actual cost of running the whole thing! If you've not yet contributed, or feel able to give more, we'd love to have your support.

Click here to find out how you can give a one-off or regular donation
Still have some tools? We're missing several litter pickers, loppers, secateurs, shovels and more! If you've still got Noise tools in your possession, please get in touch to arrange returning them to us ASAP - thank you!
Finally, a massive THANK YOU to all of you for being a part of this year's event. Each one of your contributions before, during and after the weekend has been a part of a citywide display of love and unity! Love from Rachel, Rebekah, Stewart and the Bristol Noise Core Team

Posted: May 2022