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We are recruiting and need your help - if you don't mind?

What role is undertaken by a Bristol Street Pastor?

We go out on a Saturday night from 10pm to about 3.30 am on the streets of Bristol, helping anyone in need (especially the revellers) to get home safely. We care for all those in distress and listen to anyone who needs to talk about their challenges or issues.

We give Flip Flops out to young ladies walking barefoot, sweep up broken glass, hand out water / space blankets / lollies and generally care for those that need it.
We give training in Roles & Responsibilities, Listening skills, Youth culture, Mental health, Drugs and alcohol awareness, Safeguarding, Knowing your community, The Good News, Policing, and Prayer.

An Observer night is very useful for people to see how friendly the young folks are, how well received we are and to get a feel for what we do (Saturday nights).

Roles & Responsibilities Training for Street Pastors

We would like to invite anyone who is at all interested to attend a training session on the 16th of July from 10 am at the Victoria Methodist Church, 1a Whiteladies road BS8 1NU.

We would ask that you apply for a position on this training so that we can cater for the number attending.

Contact: Martin Gunther

Posted: July 2022