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Jesus never had a building to which he summoned or invited people. He was out there in the market place, interacting and sharing God's love.
Do you work with young people who want to change the world? Are you a teacher or youth leader who wants to help?
to help young people (and adults!) understand the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and how we can all take easy, money saving actions for positive change.
we are excited that more churches in the Bristol area are connecting with their local schools and seeing this as a key way of being church.
a film to inspire children and young people all over Bristol to shine like stars; to work out what their unique potential is and to follow good hopes and dreams for their lives.
a 7-month radical journey to become who you were born to be as you grow in your understanding of and relationship with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
They're a fantastic way to help the children and young people in your local school to explore faith and spirituality in a safe and creative way.
will work over 90 young people across the city every year and support them into sustainable work or education.
We have two things to share in terms of connecting with your local primary school this Christmas season...
To overcome the climate crisis and inequality, we need to inspire many more people to change behaviour and push for faster change.
The quality of this resource is fantastic. It is so well planned, structured, and versatile – very easy to adapt to suit different ages.
Could you ask your church, school or other organisation to sign this letter?
We hope that you’re well and enjoying the summer with the increased freedoms that we now have!
It’s that time of year when schools begin to support Y6 children in their move to secondary school. We wanted to share a few ways that you/your church could contribute to this support:
Competing worldviews within society. COVID's impact on education. Is an education reformation necessary or possible?
The Church is called to disciple nations. The devil is out to deceive nations. This is why the Education Sphere is so important.
OAC serves a diverse community and has worked hard to promote a welcoming atmosphere... holding assemblies raising awareness of why people might have to leave the country they were born in.
Children are invited to imagine they are on a movie set watching the filming of ‘Easter – The Movie’. The movie is based on the biblical account of the last days of the life of Jesus.
It’s been an interesting year! As with everyone else, we had to adapt quickly as we tried to continue to support churches to bless their local schools through lockdown.
School is going to look very different in the next academic year, because of the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 virus. This means the way that churches and Christian organisations offer support to schools will need to change too.
“I feel it allowed the children time to really ponder the story, in a way they haven’t before. There were some profound statements about God’s love for all.” (Vicar)
a place where the authentic experience of the presence of God empowers the dynamic study of the Word of God. It is a community of people who are hungry for more of God and desire to be transformed by His Word through the work of the Holy Spirit.