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a Bristol based charity that equips and trains churches and organisations to deliver a much-needed one-to-one listening and support service for parents and primary carers.
bringing you all the children's and youth ministry resources you'll ever need!
All Nations Centre, Sachville Avenue, Cardiff, CF14 3NY
This year we celebrate our tenth anniversary! Farewell to our outgoing Co-ordinator, Jane Auld, and welcome to our new Co-ordinator, Sharon Blair
The aim is to raise funds to support three strategic initiatives around fostering/adoption, supporting troubled children at primary school age and supporting struggling teenagers.
With indoor and outdoor play areas as well as the UK’s longest Hedge Maze there is plenty to get the whole family active!
In this podcast we will be tackling some of the tough topics that parents and their kids may be facing in 2021; from pornography to social media to consent culture and identity...
What a long time it has been since hugs and cups of tea indoors with friends and family. How wonderful that these things are now a possibility!
How can the Church empower the family, marriage, and those who are single?
Family is where the discipling of a nation begins. Is marriage empowering or unfair? Will it survive?
Someone once said, “Motherhood is not for the fainthearted” – and boy do we agree! The Mum Show is a twelve-part series on being a mum in today’s world … whatever that may look like.
desperately looking for Long Term Foster carers for at least 5 sibling groups. If carers cannot be found...brothers and sisters will have to be split up...
Lockdowns and Tier restrictions have impacted the National Parenting Initiative as they have all our churches, ministries, businesses and basically life!
Now is the time that God wants to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children. Malachi 4 v 6
We hope you are well and have enjoyed the summer, despite the uncertainties of the current time. At the NPI we are continuing to build our online presence, through our website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.
on marriage and couple support... we want to understand more about the joys and challenges that Christian leaders experience, not just in their own marriages but also in helping other couples.
An exciting idea which has taken root is our new YouTube channel! From how to support vulnerable families, to how to run a Marriage course online, we want to help church leaders to be informed and encouraged as lockdown eases...