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'Staying here has opened my eyes to new horizons. After years of sleeping rough, I’m now looking to settle down!’ (guest)
The Climate Sunday initiative is calling on all local churches across Great Britain and Ireland to hold a climate-focused service on any Sunday before COP26 (November 2021)
Oil giant Shell and Siccar Point Energy are currently seeking permission from the UK Government to develop the Cambo oil field, west of the Shetland Isles, just months ahead of COP26.
An inspiring range of local heroes are being celebrated in our #Bristol17 campaign to encourage more people to take positive action to help tackle poverty, inequality and climate change.
These will be sent approximately every other month, and aim to provide you with the latest information as you take action to protect God’s creation.
Never before in our communities has so much opportunity been available to make such a significant difference. And that includes you.
Our vision is to inspire you, and other Christians across our city, with how we can all be showing God's love in practical ways throughout the year.
As well as awarding a £10k prize, the Centre for Social Justice created this deeply moving and inspiring film about One25...
Brilliant news! The award recognises the vast amount of work undertaken across the city to build a greener, healthier, fairer and more resilient food system...
The Presidents of Together4Bristol (T4B) opened up their twice yearly gathering. Over 60 church and prayer leaders, and leaders in the spheres of life, gathered using Zoom...
We greatly appreciate the way churches across Bristol have supported Beloved over the years in our ministry to help women in indoors prostitution experience the gospel, find comfort and exit the massage parlours.
To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing.
Christian Action Bristol is seeking to bring together churches from across the city to take climate action.
A map that gives an important message to disabled people
hugely well respected and supported by local authorities, businesses and the police, and this is very much the case in Bristol.
The proposals are a threat to the right to seek asylum, a right enshrined in international law more than half a century ago. We have until the 6th of May to provide feedback.
a charity which provides counselling and psychotherapy to highly traumatised refugees and asylum seekers.
We are proud to join other local charities in calling on the Bristol and WECA mayoral candidates to publicly sign up to our list of 'Asks.'
it is often said that you can’t change a culture without changing its vocabulary and language, so we want to offer people words that flesh out a theology of societal transformation.
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many events to be cancelled, as well as much disappointment, isolation and loss. This year, especially, our communities need to feel God's love.
As we prepare for COVID recovery, the Good Faith Partnership is running this survey entitled 'Faith in Communities' in partnership with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.
End-to-end project management solution will build affordable housing and revitalise community spaces
To help the government with understanding the barriers that disabled people face and what it may need to focus upon to improve the lives of disabled people, we need to hear about your views and know more about your experiences.
With different types of funding under one roof, City Funds strengthens Bristol-based initiatives that otherwise may be unlikely to secure the funding they need.
Free online conference and call to submit papers which explore issues the church will face as a result of the climate emergency.
A Bristol fund supporting Foodbanks during the Covid crisis is now extending its reach to help children struggling with school.
We are once again inviting you to join us in a coordinated response to support our city through the Coronavirus pandemic. Below, you will find an update on the achievements of last year, along with some key actions we are inviting you to participate in.
The new improved facilities will allow staff, volunteer teams and visiting partner agencies to provide a more targeted and tailored approach for our service users.
The arrangements are very different this provide Covid-Secure accommodation over the harsh winter months for those who would otherwise rough sleep.
The TOGETHER FILMS are a series of short interviews that tell how Christians from the city of Bristol engaged during lockdown and the pandemic.
Showing God's Love in Practical Love and Service. As the impacts of the Coronavirus hit Bristol, Christians and Churches from across Bristol have been responding and getting involved.
We’re encouraging people to think about #climatechange and to try to make some changes.
and raise funds to provide food and shelter for somebody facing homelessness in our city.
We have seen, in the response to this pandemic, that certain changes are possible, and want to seize on this momentum to effect permanent change.
Anna represents One25 on the Mayoral Commission on Domestic Abuse, which will harness the expertise of city partners to achieve the goal of making Bristol a city free from domestic abuse and gender inequality.
The funds are being used to purchase and distribute food, and also to provide advice and support to clients. The demand for support is expected to increase further and be sustained throughout this year and into 2021...